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Seminar by Doron Lemze

Using spectroscopic data of galaxies within and around galaxy clusters to test structure formation

Mid-term seminar by Flavio Grandin

Dispersione di velocità di galassie in ammassi in teorie modificate di gravità

Mid-term seminar by Eloisa Poggio

Identificazione di strutture cosmiche con il minimal spanning tree

Mid-term seminar by Alberto Masini

Formazione di strutture nel modello cosmologico quasi-stazionario

Seminar by Yu Heng

The study of X-ray galaxy clusters and its cosmological applications

Seminar by Cristiano De Boni

Numerical simulations of galaxy clusters in dark energy cosmologies: c−M relation

Seminar by Irene Agulli

Abell 85: Spectroscopic Luminosity Function

Presentation by Irene Agulli

From: Mass, velocity anisotropy and pseudo phase space density profiles of Abell 2142

Seminar by Antonino Del Popolo

The small scale problems in the ΛCDM model

Seminar by Carlo Giocoli

Halo Formation along the "Dark" Cosmic Time

Presentation by Flavio Grandin

From: Galaxy Infall Kinematics as a Test of Modified Gravity

Seminar by Cristiano Germani

Cosmological consequences of non-standard gravitational interactions

Seminar by Marta Campigotto

Gauge natural formulation of conformal gravity

Seminar by Garry Angus

Using the DiskMass Survey and Local Group dwarf galaxies to test theories of structure formation

Seminar by Francesco Pace

Structure formation in scalar-tensor models and effects of SZ effect in non-Gaussian models

Presentation by Iary Davidzon

From: Future evolution of bound superclusters in an accelerating Universe

Presentation by Ana Laura Serra

Title: The caustic technique

Presentation by Elisa Boera

From: Dark Matter in Modern Cosmology

Presentation by Ana Laura Serra

From: Will multiple probes of dark energy find modified gravity?

Presentation by Stefano Camera

From: Galactic Angular Momenta and Angular Momentum Correlations in the Cosmological Large-Scale Structure (Review)

Presentation by Luisa Ostorero

From: Why all these prejudices against a constant?

Presentation by Garry Angus

From: Nearby galaxies as pointers to a better theory of cosmic evolution